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LGBTQIA+ Youth Mental Health Town Hall Series

The first event in this series, held on March 24, 2022 at 6:30 pm, was geared towards parents, foster parents, caregivers, guardians, extended family members, mental health professionals, and service providers.


• Define common language and acronyms used to convey the importance of inclusive language
• Recognize risk factors that increase the chances LGBTQ youth will experience a mental health disorder
• Identify ways family members, school staff, and mental health professionals can support the mental wellness of LGBTQ+ youth
• Highlight local and national resources available to support LGBTQ+ youth

Upcoming Events in the Town Hall Series:

Providing Healthy Support Systems to our Hispanic LGBTQ+ Youth

(presented in Spanish, October 2022)

Suicide Prevention and Intervention: How To Help Others In A Crisis 

(September 2022)

LGBTQ+ Youth Panel

(November 2022)