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Legislative Briefing – Mental Health Parity

Every day, more than 200 Americans die from a drug overdose or suicide.

For too many Americans, treatment is still inaccessible – even for those with insurance.


Now more than ever there is a critical need to ensure Maryland families have access to equitable coverage for substance use disorder and mental health conditions.  

The Parity Law, passed in 2008, prohibits discrimination in health insurance coverage of substance use disorder and mental health benefits.  Unfortunately, the reality for consumers is that they are still too often forced to fight for the health care they need and are entitled to receive by law.

Parity at 10 is a national advocacy campaign dedicated to ensuring full enforcement of the Parity Act.  Maryland is one of five states in which Parity at 10 ins focusing its advocacy efforts.

On October 24, 2019, EveryMind hosted a legislative briefing to bring this issue to light.  Ellen Weber of the Legal Action Center and Laura Mitchell, an advocate for addiction and mental health parity, shared information about the Parity Act’s standards, current barriers to enforcement, strategies to improve accountability and ways in which Maryland residents and legislators can get involved on this issue.  Montgomery County Councilmember, Gabe Albornoz and Maryland State Delegate for District 16, Ariana Kelly opened the briefing.