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Asian American and Pacific Islander Mental Wellness Resources

EveryMind has partnered with Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI), a part of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, and Primary Care Coalition (PCC) to provide training at increasing the mental wellness of Montgomery County’s Asian American community while decreasing the stigma associated with mental health. 

Content for the videos was developed in response to surveys sent through community partners serving the Asian community and focus on stress reduction. EveryMind was pleased to work with American Diversity Group, Vietnamese American Services, Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington, Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Islamic Center of Maryland, CCI Health Services, Asian American Inter Community Service, Montgomery County Muslim Foundation, and the many partner organizations and individuals whose contributions to this program were invaluable. This program and its activities are funded by AAHI, a part of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, and the PCC.

The videos are available in Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese and include a survey for viewers to provide feedback. The surveys are vital to this project and will help us bring more trainings like these to you.

Please take the time to share these and additional resources at the bottom of the page with your communities. 

Training Overview: Stress Education and Burnout Prevention

The challenges of the past few years have highlighted the need for us all to prioritize our own self-care. Self-care is vital to our overall well-being and research has shown that self-care activities can help cope with stress and improve mental, emotional, and physical health. This training will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to develop a self-care plan that is unique to your own interests.

Participants will learn:

• Definitions of stress, burnout and self-care

• The impact self-care can have on your overall wellbeing

• Proven and effective self-care strategies


Annie Liu holds a Master’s in psychology from Harvard University as well as a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.  She has written two books and translated nine books from English into Chinese, including the best seller Grit. She worked for many years as a Mandarin broadcaster at a radio station and has given hundreds of lectures and presentations in psychology in the past years.


Shahin Sebastian is the program manager of the Patient Navigator Program and the Hindi-Urdu, Russian and Malayalam Medical Interpreter with Cross Cultural Infotech. Ms. Sebastian holds a Masters degree in Microbiology from Odesa State University, Ukraine. Ms. Sebastian is a community health educator, and teaches self-management of Chronic diseases, Chronic and Diabetes and Mental Health First Aid. Ms. Sebastian is also a community mental health counselor with the PEARLS program (the Program to encourage active and rewarding lives). Ms. Sebastian loves traveling, creative writing, forest bathing and self-improvement through guided meditation, book clubs, family and friends.


MIN, EUN YOUNG has a Bachelor of Music, majoring in classical piano performance from Chung-Ang University, South Korea. Ms. Young is a trained Medical Interpreter at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore MD, a Court interpreter for Maryland Courts and a community interpreter at the Korean congregation of Chapelgate Presbyterian Church. She is very adept at consecutive, simultaneous, and telephonic modes. Ms. Young is a community health worker and has actively promoted mental health awareness and education in the Korean community for 20+ years via several seminars and presentations in the Korean community.


Saadia Perwaiz from Lahore, Pakistan holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and is an Emerging Leaders Fellow through the American Montessori Society. Ms. Perwaiz has 20 years of experience as an educator of ‘sensorial and practical living’ in an Early Childhood environment and is also a trainer for Montgomery Montessori Institute (MMI) and American Montessori Society (AMS). Ms. Perwaiz is familiar with Mental Health and encourages family and friends to seek professional help when necessary and strives to bring awareness tin her community. Ms. Perwaiz’s son is a sophomore at the University of Maryland, and her husband is a microbiologist. She enjoys music, laughing, board games, getting together with friends, and traveling with family.


Anh Tran is a patient Navigator and Medical Interpreter with Cross Cultural Infotech. Ms. Tran is bilingual in English and Vietnamese and has a fair knowledge of French. Ms. Tran holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Catholic University of America and a AHEC Certificate in Interpreting in Health & Community Settings. Ms. Tran has 13 years of experience in promoting and educating the Vietnamese community on the urgency of caring for mental and physical well-being in the DMV area.

Mental Health Resources for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

The mission of the Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI), part of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, is to improve the health and wellness of Asian American communities in Montgomery County by applying equity, community engagement, and data-driven approaches.
AAPA is dedicated to advancing the mental health and wellbeing of Asian American communities through research, professional practice, education, and policy.
  1. Asian American Journal of Psychology: The Journal aims to promote a better understanding of Asian American individuals and communities through research, practice, advocacy, education, and policy pertinent to all areas of psychology and related disciplines.
  2. LGBTQ+ Resources: Aligning with AAPA’s mission to advance mental health and wellness for all Asian Americans, AAPA is committed to advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Asian Americans. Below, we have compiled the following resources in supporting the AAPI LGBTQ community.
It is the mission of the Asian Mental Health Collective to normalize and de-stigmatize mental health within the Asian community. The Asian Mental Health Collective aspires to make mental health easily available, approachable, and accessible to Asian communities worldwide.
As a health justice non-profit organization, APIAHF is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of more than 20 million AAs and NHPIs living in the United States and its jurisdictions.