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A Message of Support from Our CEO Ann Mazur

Today’s acts of violence at the U.S. Capitol during a Constitutionally-mandated meeting of our elected representatives shook our country. After a year of mounting anxiety, fear, anger, and unrest we looked on in horror at the events unfolding in our Nation’s Capital.
As a nation, we suffered a violation and a collective act of terrorism by our own citizens at the very heart of our democracy. EveryMind stands with you in defiance of these acts. We stand with you against racial injustice, violence, and fear. Our community is strong, resilient, and prepared to walk hand-in-hand together to forge a peaceful future. You are not alone.
If you are struggling, reach out. If you are angry, reach out. If you are worried about those you love, reach out. However many feelings you have, named and unnamed, reach out. We are here for you.
EveryMind’s 24-hour Hotline staff are ready to listen, text, and chat with you. We are here to hear you. We are committed to you.
Yours in support,
Ann Mazur